Frequent Questions

Frequent Questions

What telephone number can I call?

The following contacts are available to all our customers

Central Office: + (503) 2500-2847

Airport: + (503) 2339-9268

Where are you located?

Avis El Salvador has two points where you as a customer can make your reservations and pick up your vehicle

- Central Office: Located on the east side of the Ex Hotel Alameda, 43 Avenida sur #127, Colonia Flor Blanca, San Salvador El Salvador.

- Airport: We are located inside the Oscar Arnulfo Romero International Airport, Comalapa, after the baggage carousel and customs.

What happens if by mistake at the airport, I leave the customs section where Avis counter is located?

According to airport regulations, if a passenger exits the customs section, re-entry to this area is not allowed. In you exit the customs’ section by mistake, please check with the airport staff to report the inconvenience and one of our rental agents will provide you with the necessary assistance.

What do I need to rent a car with Avis?

The requirements to be able to rent one of our cars are as follows:

- Be over 25 years old.

- Valid driver's license

*(In case drivers are in the age range of 21 to 24 years old, an additional $10.00 per day + CDW will be charged).

- Valid passport or DUI

- Credit card (Electronic funds´ hold (Check In))

Is there any protection that is mandatory in El Salvador?

Yes, Third Party Damage Liability Coverage (ALI) protection is mandatory, according to El Salvador´s tourism law.

Can I leave El Salvador if I rent a vehicle with Avis?

No, currently vehicles rented with Avis El Salvador can not leave our borders.

What are the payment methods accepted by Avis El Salvador?

For your security we do not accept cash, as a payment method we accept VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DINNERS CLUB and DISCOVER credit cards where the numbering and the name of the card holder can be clearly visible and in the case of using a debit card, it will only be allowed to use it for the payment at the beginning of the rental.

How much is the “Hold of funds” when I rent a vehicle?

The amount of the holding of funds will depend on the category and type of vehicle for which you have made your reservation..

When will “funds on hold” be released?

The release of the hold is done electronically and can take anywhere from 3 to 21 business days. The time will depend on your credit card´s issuing bank. If it is not released within that time period, you can inform us in the following email address and we will follow up on your case:

Please provide the following information:

- Name on the rental contract

- Rental agreement number.

- Car´s return date

- Credit Card issuing bank

What happens if the vehicle I rented is dropped off at another station where I did not plan to return it?

There is an extra charge for returning the vehicle to a station other than the original station of the rental.

At Avis, how are rental days counted?

A rental day is considered a 24-hour period, from the time the vehicle is picked up.

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