The Jaltepeque Estuary is approximately an hour from San Salvador. It is located on the Costa del Sol and is one of the 125 protected areas in El Salvador. An excellent choice for a weekend visit!

This natural paradise is cool and perfect to enjoy while learning a lot about the nature of the place. Additionally, there are many activities that take place throughout the year, such as fishing tournaments, sailing, and much more. It is certainly a good tourist destination in El Salvador!

Costa del Sol is a very famous beach located in the department of La Paz, known for being one of the most exclusive beaches in the country. It is also renowned for having the best hotels in the coastal region.

In Costa del Sol, you can engage in various activities such as horseback riding, trips to mangroves, fishing expeditions, jet ski rentals, and stand-up paddle. It is definitely an excellent choice to spend a weekend with friends or family.

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